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HorseGuard fence is the original electric tape fencing system  with proven durability for up to 20 years

Sold on our online store direct at factory pricing and shipped everywhere in Canada, this Bi-Polar fence is effective in snowy, icy or very dry soil conditions without the need for a problematic ground rod
The HorseGuard Bi-Polar system is the all season fencing solution regardless of weather conditions .

Bi-Polar  ? How does it work

The HorseGuard Bi-Polar electric tape fencing is an effective Mental, Physical and Visual barrier that the horse respects. The fence has to be powered by a low impedance fence charger powerful enough to give you permanently a minimum of 4000 volts   on the tape in order to be respected by the horse.

This bi-polar fence is a Physical barrier

The top green edge connected to the (+) of the charger is the positive line. The bottom edge connected directly to the (–) of the charger is the negative line. The zapping occurs when the horse creates the contact with both edges of the tape (with the two edges of one tape or between the edge of 2 strands of tape). Because of the bi-polarity of the tape (+/-) you don’t need a ground rod even in a sandy, snowy, icy or rocky ground. Your fence will work whatever the land or weather conditions. The Bi-Polar fencing system is the all season, all climate and all year fencing solution! For the security of your horse and your peace of mind.



Electric fence tape effective in all climates without earth connection / ground rod.

All weather fence for horses

The Mental Barrier

On the Bi-Polar tape the plus ( + ) charge and the minus (-) charge are on the same tape. When the horse touches the electric tape he shocks himself for a fraction of a second. The zapping effect from the electric impulses is a harmless reminder… The shock associated with the electrified tape creates a mental barrier for the horse.
Thereafter, when the fence is electrified the horse will remember the shock experience and respect the barrier.To maintain a respect for the fence the horse must receive a shock whenever he attempts to touch it, for that reason the fence charger must be kept ‘on’ all the time and should carry permanently between 4000 volts to 7000 volts.
Visual barrier

The Physical Barrier

HorseGuard tape resists up to 650 POUNDS OF PRESSURE

“Tough fence for tough customers ! “


The Visual Barrier (1.5 inch wide = 4cm)

Horses have blurred vision.
The horse can see in a radius of 350 degrees (man sees 180 degrees) but he has poor vision and very limited sense of perspective. His two blind spots are immediately in front of the nose and directly behind. An electric fence that is difficult to see can be a hazard to the horse.

The horse’s natural instinct is to flee from danger. A horse might not see or might ignore a smaller obstacle in his flight path.

The 1.5-inch wide Bi-Polar HorseGuard electrified tape creates that visual barrier.

It is designed to represent the diameter of a large enough tree limb the horse would both see and avoid running into. This visible barrier reduces dangerous incidents of frightened horses running into a fence.

What is the secret to the success of the HorseGuard electric fence?

  • since 1985 in France
  • since 1987 in Europe
  • since 1990 aux USA
  • since 2010 au Canada

The HorseGuard electric ribbon fence system has been designed for horse owners by an experienced horse breeder with the safety of your horse in mind.
With many years of research and continual improvement of products, for a better solution of safe and quality fence and manufactured to last.
Horses of all breeds, breeds, sizes and ages can be safely fenced. Low cost due to the absence of any intermediary (internet sales at a manufacturing price). Fast delivery to your door from our warehouse in Drummondville, Canada. The HorseGuard fence has a proven track record and is durable even in extreme weather conditions around the world (-40 ° C in Scandinavia and + 75 ° C in the Middle East).

Can be installed with an existing fence.
Designed for use as a permanent or temporary fence.
Excellent ribbon conduction: (10 stainless steel wires 0.40 mm diameter Ø for tape 4 cm wide) 30 polyethylene wires protected from UV rays of 0.50 mm Ø + 2 bumpers Ø 0.80 mm diameter at the edge of ribbon, which allow a rigid ribbon (not brittle like bad copies) and increase the efficiency and protection against wear.

The frame of the HorseGuard ribbon is perforated to fight against the faseillage due to the wind.
All plastic parts are UV treated.

All metal parts of the fence are made of stainless steel to fight against rust (bad conductor). The shape of the HorseGuard insulator # 8bl is specially designed to hold the ribbon without pinching it.

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