Create your tape fence project according to your needs

HorseGuard Extenders are safe
To keep the horses out of danger and stop the animals from chewing or rubbing at the fence. The HorseGuard # 13EX extender is installed on all types of stakes.

Several pens next to each other
Modulate easily your pastures and paddocks as you want, to separate horses, or for rotational grazing, restrict access to grass for ponies too greedy …



 To install fitness paddocks
Make very long paddocks, where your horses will have fun racing and will take, day after day, muscle and breath without constraint.
 To install several individual pens contiguous to the boxes
Small, separate enclosures are convenient and useful for isolating horses.

For foals and mares

For the foal, the impregnation to the respect of the fence in electrical tape will be valid for the rest of his life.

In all dangerous places

For peace of mind.

To increase security

Along a road, a river, a ravine …


To isolate a danger zone

To protect certain areas from your horses


To let your horses out with peace of mind

To decorate
Many fences hold a large place in your environment. It is therefore interesting to add an element of decoration thanks to the HorseGuard ribbon fence.


To install a “Paddock Paradise”  drawn by yourself

Every fence must be safe or one day horses will unfortunately find a way to hurt themselves. HorseGuard inventor of electrical tape in 1985, passionate about the book of Jaime Jackson (Paddock Paradise) is keen to contribute to the safety of the horse.



To create an outdoor arena
Easily make an outdoor dressage arena  or a round pen with 3 or 4 rows of tape to work with your horse safely.



For ponies
Keep your stony and hairy ponies in the pasture of your choice, not theirs!



 Only 1 dining area
Create corridors to distribute hay and feed easily in pastures, and avoid jostling around motorized gear.
To build a round pen
Make a round of cleaning to work with your horse





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