Fence Chargers : how to choose?

Fence Chargers : how to choose?

How to choose the heart of your electric fence system?
HorseGuard does not sell electric charger (energizer) in Canada. This accessory can be purchased at the nearest agricultural cooperative.

Here is some useful information:

The energizer must be LOW IMPEDANCE and powerful enough to allow you to always have a minimum of 4000 volts permanently on your fence to protect your horse.

The low impedance allows the energizer not to stop because of a point of contact. Nevertheless,  it is important to maintain its fence regularly for its durability and efficiency (See the chapter MAINTENANCE)

A fence tester (indicating the number of voltages) is useful for regularly checking the voltage on the fence (which must be at least 4000 volts for your horse to respect its fence and thus be protected). At the time of purchase of your energizer we recommend the purchase also of a fence tester (indicating the voltage for the regular control of the effectiveness of your fence). The fence tester can also be found in the agricultural cooperative and we also offer it in our online catalog (chapter PRODUCTS / Accessories / fence tester).


The different types of energizers

Mains energizers are the best choice when you have access to stable power.
Solar powered portable energizers are totally self-sufficient, thanks to the solar energy that recharges the internal battery. It is recommended to choose a powerful solar powered energizer to have enough voltage permanently. Permanent battery or solar energizers are a logical choice for remote areas where there is no electricity service. A solar panel recharges the battery by converting light into electricity to operate the energizer that works day, night and during periods of low sunlight. The required model depends on the environment.
Portable battery powered electrifiers generally operate with a 12 volt, full discharge rechargeable battery. The batteries must be recharged. So choose batteries that can be charged and discharged regularly without damaging – such as a marine battery or deep cycle battery. The use of a car battery is designed to provide a very high current and short duration. The connected and battery powered energizers combine the advantages offered by the current and a backup battery. They are a practical choice for animal control and are essential in areas where power is not reliable.


fence chargers : Typical electrical output

Warning !

There are commercially very powerful electrifiers, too powerful! Beyond 3 Joules output, they “burn” the stainless steel tape … And so you quickly lose all the benefits of a well installed fence, since the current does not pass!

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