The values ​​and philosophy of HorseGuard

The values ​​and philosophy of HorseGuard

At La Sanglière, safety has always been our priority and innovation our culture.

We manufacture our tapes in our Loiret factory in France, with high quality raw materials to offer an effective fence and therefore safe, while maintaining a very aesthetic appearance.

Designed by a breeder of Quarter Horses, Serge Lecacheur has always kept in mind the safety of horses. Since his invention of the fence tape in 1985, the inventor continues to improve and perfect its products in order to ensure this safety of such vital importance and in order to provide you with the best durable quality product that you will find on the market to your full satisfaction.
Successfully tested in harsh climatic conditions because it is used all over the world, all the equipment of the system of our fence is studied to last a long time.

So we are in agreement with our deep aspirations:

– the safety of the horse surrounded by an efficient and sustainable electric fence
– your peace of mind

La Sanglière is an innovative company recognized in many countries.

HorseGuard is a brand of La Sanglière.



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