What is a ground rod and what is it used for?

Ground Rod

An electric fence functions as an electrical circuit, one of whose components is the earth.
The ground connection (one should say the GROUND MOISTURE TAKE) is effective in moist soil.

In countries where the soil is very dry or frozen, the electrical conductivity is very low or null due to lack of humidity, and grounding does not work well.
The ground rod  is the weakest link in the installation …

HorseGuard system doesn’t need a ground rod. Its bi-polar conductivity is right in the tape.

In fact, the Bi-Polar System can be used in ice, snow or hard-packed, dry earth because, unlike conventional products, Bi-Polar Fence Tape doesn’t require a ground rod planted in moist soil to complete the electric circuit through the fence back to the charger. Instead, the positive and negative lines are built right into the tape itself.


In 1985, HorseGuard created the original electric fencing tape that transformed the concept of horse fencing. The award-winning traditional tape was designed with the horse’s safety in mind by Serge Lecacheur, an experienced European breeder.

In 1985, this invention was awarded an unprecedented 3 oscars! at the “salon du cheval de Paris”.

Best product
Best technical achievement
Best original idea

Since the original product launch, continuous research and improvements have led to the development of revolutionary, high-quality fencing system solutions that are safe, easy to use and is built to last.

In 1993, to overcome the problem  of electrical non-conductivity due to inefficient grounding  ( in a frozen or very dry ground), HorseGuard re-engineers  its traditional tape and invents the closing tape Bi-polar for continental climates  – from very dry to very cold – like Scandinavia or  countries with desert climate.

Traditional Classic Tape

The positive (+) is the tape and
the negative (-) is the ground

Bi-Polar Tape

The positive (+) and the negative (-)
are on the same ribbon

The Bi-Polar System will revolutionize how Canadians fence in their horses, adding that the product is backed by many years of extensive international research and product improvements to create a safer, better-quality,  and enduring fencing solution. ―It has already been proven in several countries, including Scandinavian nations, which have comparable weather and seasons to Canada.

This bi-polar tape system no longer requires grounding and therefore no longer needs moisture to function properly.
Regardless of the quality of the ground, the reliable HorseGuard Bi-Polar fence system has the enormous advantage of allowing the use of an efficient electric fence all year round, even in countries with frozen, snowy or very dry ground ( which prevent good conduction of electricity).

When the horse touches the tape, it connects itself for a split second. It  receives a significant shock (not dangerous for its health), either at the end of the nose or throughout the body. This feeling is like a club on the fly! It is from this painful memory that it will respect this mental barrier.

He is then called to order every time he is tempted by a piece of grass on the other side of the fence.

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