What is HorseGuard Bi-Polar tape?

The horse has a limited vision. It can see within a radius of 350 degrees (we see 180 degrees), but has poor vision and a very narrow sense of perspective. Its two blind spots are immediately in front of its nose and directly behind it.

The natural instinct of the horse is to flee danger. It might ignore a small obstacle on its trajectory. An electric fence that is hard to see can be dangerous for it.

That’s why the HorseGuard tape width of 4cm is designed to represent the diameter of a tree limb and thus be visible to the horse.

This fence has 7 kinds of different fences: 4 are relatively invisible,
2 are acceptable (visible but not always respected) and 1 is visible and respected
(HorseGuard tape 4 cm).


Since it is visible with its 1.5 “(4cm) wide tape, the horse sees it and will not” rushes into its fence if it is agitated because it can force the fence by running over it.
When he puts his nose on the tape with curiosity and caution, like everything he does for the first time, he receives a violent shock, either at the end of the nose on one tape or throughout the body through 2 strands of tape.
The respected fence reduces possible dangerous incidents: a horse that respects its fence does not touch it!
An electric tape fence should not be less than 4cm wide with a minimum of 2 rows of tape.

Excellent conduction :

10 stainless steel wires of 0.40 mm Ø diameter for 4 cm wide tape
29 polyethylene weft threads Ø 0.50 mm
+ 2 bumpers Ø 1 mm diameter at the edge of the tape:
29 polyethylene weft threads Ø 0.50 mm
+ 2 bumpers Ø 1 mm diameter at the edge of the tape:

allow a rigid and resistant tape that increases efficiency and protection and prevents elongation.
All plastic parts are UV treated.
All metal parts of the fence are made of stainless steel to fight against rust (bad conductor).

The frame of the HorseGuard tape is perforated to fight against the faseillage of the wind.
The wind is an indefatigable enemy of the electrical tape: do not exceed 5 meters between each stake or post and reduce to 3 meters (see less) for installation in a region of high winds.
The permanent vibration of the wind causes the tape to move in the insulators and the plastic-to-plastic rubbing can wear the tape. That’s why the shape of the HorseGuard insulator # 8bl is specially designed to hold the tape without pinching it.


The connection of the tape to the electric charger is done with the help of a HorseGuard tensioner and high-voltage cables crimped with lugs at the ends.
The upper edge of the tape (green part) is connected to the positive (+) pole of your energizer (charger / electrical box). The lower edge of the tape (brown part) is connected to the negative pole (-) of your energizer.
The electrical shock occurs when the horse touches the 2 edges of the tape.

Thanks to the bi-polarity of the tape(+/-) you do not need a grounding plug for your electric fence to work, even in very dry sandy soil or desert, snowy or frozen, your fence will work effectively without problematic grounding whatever the conditions.

The HorseGuard Bi-Polar Tape Fence System is THE closing solution for any season, any climate and year-round.


A visual barrier

The natural instinct of the horse is to flee danger. A horse can ignore or not see an obstacle since it is nearsighted. HorseGuard’s 4cm (1.5 “) electric tape creates this visual barrier, and for the horse, this tape fence represents several large tree branches that can be seen and avoided without being injured.The HorseGuard tape is a large obstacle and therefore clearly visible which reduces the dangerous incidents of agitated horses that run straight ahead into their fence. It is a visual barrier.
It must be that during the fraction of a second when the horse has decided not to respect his fence, that its instinct of self preservation commands it: “No, this is too big a branch, I cannot get through, I have to go around! ” It is to meet this dangerous situation that 2 or 3 wide tape heights are essential.


A physical barrier

The HorseGuard ribbon 4 cm wide is resistant to horses up to 300 kg of pressure. It has a breaking point at 300 kg of tension, which is sufficient in normal times (we can unfortunately not guarantee the particular behavior of each horse). It is indeed necessary that a fence, whatever it is (even the lices in cement) yields without hurting the horse if it ‘becomes crazy’ and goes into it …
But if the horse is riding on the fence, the HorseGuard tape is designed to stretch or give in without hurting (tape resistance up to 300 kg (600 lbs) pressure).


A mental barrier

The pain associated with the electric fence creates a mental barrier for the horse … This shock, if it comes from a powerful energizer and a well installed tape, feels like a “clubbing” sensation … It is from this painful memory that the horse will respect this “mental barrier”. He is then called to order every time he is tempted by a blade of grass on the other side of the fence.

For the foal, education for the respect of its fence  (the impregnation to respecting an electrical mental barrier) will be valid for the rest of its life. Its respected fence will be able to save him in a split second when he will decide  not to respect it.


Horses are moody, and facing a narrow fence and / or poorly electrified (or worse, facing a barbed wire), they may react differently.

A) It does not see the fence and goes into it. Because horses are short-sighted, injuries caused by poorly fitting fences bring good customers to veterinarians.
B) Its sees the fence, but is so agitated (for example, when its friend has just gone out for a walk), that it tries at all costs to pass by forcing the fence with its chest.

There are so many critical situations facing fences, which can only happen once in the lifetime of the owner …

And there are always lucky owners who have never had to deal with such critical situations and the resulting injuries.

But it is better to be sure of being on the safe side … that’s why a fence must always be well electrified (4000 to 7000 volts permanently)

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