What is the secret to the success of the HorseGuard electric fence?

Sold since:
Year 1985 in Europe
Year 1993 in the USA
Year 2010 in Canada
  • The HorseGuard electric tape fence system has been designed for horse owners by an experienced horse breeder with the safety of your horse in mind. With many years of research and continual improvement of our products for a better, safer,  and quality fencing solution, HorseGuard is an innovative company that manufactures products with proven durability and appreciated by thousands of users around the world for installations in extreme climatic conditions (-40 ° C in Scandinavia and + 75 ° C in the Middle East).
  • Horses of all breeds, sizes and ages can be safely fenced with the HorseGuard Electric Tape System.
    The HorseGuard Bi-Polar Tape System can be installed along with an existing fence, it is designed for use as a permanent, temporary or additional fence (see all proposed installation options to protect your horse from an existing hazardous fence ).
    If the HorseGuard bi-polar system is added to an existing conventional electric fence, each electrical system must be powered by its own energizer so as not to weaken one or the other and thus allow maximum efficiency.
  • Free quotes, installation tips, customer service and dynamic after-sales service.
  • By this internet link:
    By phone
    1.800.817.6930 (Free Number)
    By email :
    [email protected]
  • Fast delivery from our Quebec warehouse in Canada to your door. Possibility of pickup by the customer if the order is placed by us to avoid shipping costs (calculated automatically on our site-store): www.horseguard-canada.com
  • Since the invention and manufacture by Horseguard of the 3-way electric fence concept we have encountered many counterfeits but none has reached our level of quality. Why ? The reason for our success is our commitment to invest in innovations to produce high quality products and thus bring you peace of mind by creating solutions to keep your horse safe with our high quality Premium Quality system.
    The HorseGuard electric tape fence is a complete set and will be effective for a long time:
    – if this tape is installed correctly with the right accessories.

Premium quality tape that can last up to 20 years if serviced.
Weight of the 1640-ft (500-m) large reel: 30 pounds (14.5 Kg) Weight of the 320-ft (100-m) small reel: 5.8 pounds (2.60 Kg)


Tape sold in bi-polar and bi-color in Canada

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