Why an electric fence ?

An electric fence offers many advantages in comparison to a conventional fence.

1. Cost effective

– An electric fence is about half the cost (less material and labor) than the other fences.
– The HorseGuard fence being sold on the internet  at www.horseguard-canada.com exclusively factory-direct, the cost is reduced by the absence of any intermediary and mark-up  of a reseller, cutting out the middleman generates significant cost savings for the customer.

– In addition, the installation is made by yourself, because HorseGuard system has been designed for quick and easy installation.– with many innovative accessories that make perfect sense in any fencing situation.

2. Security and Reliability

– An electric fence is a physical, visual and psychological barrier for the animal. After receiving the first electric shock (powerful but safe), the animal will instinctively stand at a distance from the fence.
– The lesson of the mental and visual barrier, the experience of the shock is more effective for the foal which remembers it and respects the fence all its life.
– To protect the horse with HorseGuard system, your energizer will have to provide a minimum of 4000 volts permanently on the fence so that it is respected by your horse and protects it effectively. A fence tester indicating the voltage is therefore a useful accessory to regularly check the voltage on the fence tape.


3. Greater longevity

– The physical constraints on the electric fence are virtually nil because the animals avoid touching it once the lesson is understood. The electric fence therefore lasts much longer than a non-electrified fence. HorseGuard fence tape well maintained can last more than 18 years

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